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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fertilizer Friday -- Forsythia, Siberian Squill, and Others

The flowers on my Forsythia 'Fiesta' are opening! Such a cheerful sight on an unusually sunny morning, after a night of crazy-mad rain.

Pink Frost Hellebore is still going strong.

Although a bit mud-spattered.

The two Primulas bought last weekend have been planted and seem to be settling in.

Siberian Squill and Snowdrops, although the snowdrops are pretty much finished.

The leaves on my pear tree start out squiggly. (At least I think it's a pear tree, it flowers but never fruits, probably because of a lack of pollinators.)

And one more gratuitous shot of my pink Erythronium, which I posted about earlier this week. It is still flowering, but seems to only open up when the sun is out.
Fertilizer Friday is a weekly blogging meme hosted by Tootsie Time. Go and check out all the great flower posts from around the world.


  1. They are so beautiful. I love spring flowers.

  2. More bright cheery flowers blooming in your garden. Squill is one I need to try this year. We are lucky that our neighbors Forsythia grows right over a low part of our fence so I see it every morning.
    I can't get over how lucky we've been with the weather this week. Rain at night and sun during the day is fine by me. I still have a few flowers from the plant sale that I need to get planted before the rain returns this weekend.

  3. So lovely! I'm envious of your Erythronium, I keep meaning to get one...maybe this year! Those pear leaves are so quirky and them!

  4. Forsythia is such a spring memory for me: we had them at almost every home I grew up in back east and although the yellow is pretty intense, it really says winter is over for me. That's a lovely and elegant erythronium! Do you think maybe your pear is an ornamental cultivar? My Master Gardener text says you can help pollination by placing a bucket of water containing blooming stalks from another variety under the tree while it's in bloom.

  5. Happy to see you didn't get the snow. The Forsythia is really pretty.

  6. Hello Alison! Your photographs are lovely and I'm so envious of your gorgeous Siberian Squill, a plant I've never heard of. It's an absolutely beautiful shade of blue and the flowers are ever so delicate. The yellow of your forsythia is perfect to say, "Hello Spring!" It's another lovely plant unfamiliar to me. Glad to see your new primulas in situ, too! Your soil looks wonderful, btw! I think I've commented on this before. How's your new electric compost making machine performing? Have you used any of it, yet?

  7. Hi Alison, your photos of the forsythia are so cheerful! I really wish I had a spot in my yard for one. They provide lovely early spring scent and color! I need to get some snow drops. They are so cute and do really well in our climate. After a few nice days at the of the work week last, this weekend has been downpour after downpour with hail intermingled. Somehow my cozy easy chair, warm cup of coffee, laptop and ipod are more appealing than slinging mud today! Have a great week! Jenni

  8. My forsythia will be weeks before it blooms, I will enjoy your instead. Your garden looks so wonderful to this flower starved blogger. Take care and have a great day.

  9. So many lovely blooms! I envy you those Hellebores. I've been told there are varieties that will grow here but haven't been brave enough to try.

  10. As a lover of pink, I must say that is one helluva hellebore. And the erythronium is beautiful.

  11. Sometimes I wish I lived in temperate climates so that I could enjoy such lovely blooms! What a splash of colors!
    Erythronium looks sweet!

  12. Hello Alison!

    Many thanks indeed for your lovely comment and birthday wishes on my blog :)

    I have just been 'lusting' after your beautiful blue flowered Siberian Squill, again. How I wish I could grow them in my garden, too!

    Looking forward to your next post, as I'm sure there have been quite some changes in the meantime!


    Des xoxo

  13. I am late...but better than never!!! I love the look of every means spring is here! I can't wait to see what it all looks like in a few weeks!


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