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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spring Garden Sales in the Seattle/Tacoma Area

I've added a gadget to the left, a list with live links of Spring Garden Sales in the Seattle/Tacoma area that I plan to attend (and probably spend more money than I should). I thought this would be useful for any readers who also live in this area, as well as for me to keep track. Unfortunately I didn't realize when I was entering the list that they would appear in reverse chronological order, and there is no way to sort them (other than re-entering all of them). And the Northwest Flower and Garden Show is out of order completely, appearing right at the top of the list.

I've ordered some evergreen huckleberry and orange honeysuckle from the Pierce County Conservation District sale, and I think I may order from the King County one as well. King County is selling sword ferns, which Pierce County is not. I've found that Conservation District sales are very inexpensive, although you have to order in groups of five or ten (but the extras are useful for plant swaps). I ordered lots of bare root native shrubs from Pierce County last year, and they grew quite well. We'll see in a few weeks if they have survived this unusual winter.

I also bought lots of native plants last spring from the Native Plant Society sale, and was very impressed with the amount and variety of plants they had for sale.

If you're in either the Portland area or British Columbia, there is a list here that lists plant sales in your area, as well as the ones I've put in my list to the left.


  1. Thanks Alison for the list. Are you a member of the Perennial alliance? I think I may join this year. I have both or their sales on my calender now. Who knows, maybe we could meet up at one of them. We are also planning on going to the garden show, I'm really looking forward to that.

  2. It's way too early here for plant sales. I'm thankful the days are getting longer, though.

  3. Oh, Alison - I could have given you more sword ferns than you've have known what to do with a couple of years ago - they grew out of control in my garden and we dug them all up. They still make an appearance here and there, as it's impossible to get rid of all the nodules.

    I have never been to a plant sale - sounds like it could be a whole lot of fun!

  4. I've found the native plant group sales can be some of the best for cheap and plentiful stock. And natives encourage the wildlife, always a plus in the city! And, as Corner Gardener Sue pointed out, it's also too early for plant sales here, even in the PNW, but we have to plan and anticipate, right?
    Nice list!

  5. OMG...thinking about the plant sales just now gave me a little thrill of delight...let the countdown begin!!!

  6. Hi Alison - it's hard not to get carried away at the garden shows and even at that garden centres. We always buy way more then we need and then have to find room for the newbies. I took a walk around our place this afternoon in the sunshine - lots of work to do and it's sooooo hard not to get in and muck around a bit.

  7. We can't plant outdoors until AFTER Mother's Day...can you believe it? I still have four more months!!!

  8. I am searching for the best place to live for gardening. We currently live in CO but want to move after my son finished high school in 6 years. Would you reccomend WA area? I am used to hail, snow,critters, and a very short gardening season.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    I am now following your blog to see what WA gardening is like!


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