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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flower Flaunting -- Pacific Coast Iris, Ceanothus, Peony, and Others

I'm participating again in Tootsie's "Fertilizer Friday." I hope you like the flowers that I have in my garden this week, which have put in an appearance despite the horrible rainy cold weather.

I got this Pacific Coast Iris at a trade last month, with a bunch of people from GardenWeb. I have other colors too, but this one is the only one blooming.

My Ceanothus is going gangbusters, it smells so heavenly! The bees love it. It was the only shrub that I kept when I had the back garden redone. I don't know the variety.

I was disappointed in the Itoh peony I bought a couple of months ago, so I bought a few regular  peonies a few days ago. I love this bloom, it's called 'Top Brass.'

I'm so thrilled, my peas have flowers, which means in a few weeks I should  have my first fresh-from-the-garden peas! It's my first time growing them.

My Escallonia is in full bloom now too, the bees and hummingbirds love this shrub!

My elderberry 'Black Beauty' is blooming, I just love the dark foliage with the deep pink flowers.
I managed to catch a picture of my blue-eyed grass on a rare sunny day earlier this week, the flowers stay closed when it's not in direct sun.

Well, I hope you liked my flowers. You can see lots more at Tootsie's blog Tootsie-Time.