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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Pictures

There aren't that many before pictures, so these are all during and after.

Building the new raised beds for veggies:


The weather the last two days has been so lovely, I've been out there for about 5 hours both days, sowing peas and carrots. I read that carrots like very fine soil, with no rocks or big pieces of compost, so I spent most of that time sifting the soil and adding sifted compost and peat moss. I have done just enough for four square feet of carrots!

On someone's blog -- I don't remember whose, darn it! -- I read about using cheap paper napkins to make your own seed mats, so that's what I did with the carrots. Can't wait to see how they do.

All that sifting was very hard work, so those carrots better taste spectacular!


  1. These raised beds are beautiful!! Good luck with your veggies, especially those carrots..

  2. Thanks Darla! Was it your blog I saw the post about paper napkins? I thought it was, but when I looked for the post I couldn't find it again.

  3. Those beds are beautiful!! You must be having fun working and planting in them.
    I think it was Di on Voice in the Garden who did the seed mats for carrots. She always has lots of good info on veggies.


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