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Thursday, March 25, 2010

"How Can You Call Yourself a Gardener..."

"How can you call yourself a gardener when you didn't do any of this work yourself?"

That's what a neighbor said when she came over to check out the new back yard. She looked around for a few minutes and then turned to me to ask.

I didn't realize that knowing how to run a backhoe was a prerequisite.

Am I a gardener? I gardened for over 20 years in Massachusetts, where I grew daylilies....

And malva...

And lupine.

And Trillium.

I winter sowed.

I wonder if the wildlife that visited thought I was a gardener?

The wild turkeys even came back the next year.

I grew herbs in a bed I made using the lasagna method.

Which I enlarged the next year so I could grow tomatoes.

Which had to be put under cloches made out of soda pop bottles, because I put them out too early.

Am I a gardener because I compost?

With leaves stolen in the dead of night from the neighbors?

Or because when I run out of room in the trunk, I put bags of topsoil on the back seat?

Maybe I'm a gardener because I passed my love of gardening on to my son.


  1. Oh my! I can't believe your neighbor said that! I love all these reasons that you ARE a gardener. And add another reason... a good gardener knows when to hire a backhoe to get things done! It would have taken you years to do all that work with just a shovel.

  2. Thanks Lisa! I was kinda speechless for a moment after she said it.

    I have a lot more reasons why I can call myself a gardener, but this post was already waaaay too long! Maybe I'll do a Part Two....

  3. That was a really strange thing to say! You definitely are a gardener and you have such beautiful pictures to show just how great you are at it.

  4. You are a gardener because you have "heart"! Thank you for your visit and for allowing me to see your garden. Full speed ahead for another PNW gardener! Hope your weekend is filled with wonderful! Diana

  5. Thanks Catherine and Di! It was a strange thing to say. Di, thanks for saying I have "heart"! I am so looking forward to working on this garden, this weekend and probably just about every weekend from now on! So much planting to do, but it makes me very happy!

  6. My what a horrible thing to say to a new neighbor. Bet you were anxious to haul out the BBQ and get together with her for a fun weekend! The backhoe was a smart thing as that looks like a lot of work. And it's not like ya had to 'grow' that waterfall and stream. Your flowers were gorgeous - I'd have those shots enlarged and make a fence!

  7. ppppppppppffffffffffffttttttttttttt to her!

    I can always come west to straighten her out!

  8. OH PLEASE let Michelle come West and straighten your neighbor out!!! As you can see...I am going back through your posts...:) Your neighbor? Want I should come up and have a "chat" with her?


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