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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Nubbins and Whatnot

The spring weather gods are now making up for our dry March by inundating us with buckets and buckets of rain, yet at the same time teasing us by interspersing it with a dry hour here and there, just long enough to entice me outside, whereupon it starts raining again and I either persist and end up soaked or run into the greenhouse for the duration and listen to the rain beat on the roof. And when I think it's never going to end, I dash into the house, just in time to see the sun peak out.

The other day instead of trying to get anything done, I just made a couple of circuits of the garden with the camera to see what was what.

Potted Podophyllums are all up

'Spotty Dotty'

This Camellia was planted in the Ruby Red Death Bed last year and is flowering already -- it's called 'Black Magic'

Erysimum 'Blood Red' grown from seed last year is now flowering profusely, but also floppy as hell -- I've got it supported so the lawn guys won't mow it down

A second Camellia, 'Vestito Rosso MonBella'  is now growing at the other end of the bed

This Camellia was the target of a (wo)manhunt last year by my friend Camille, who showed up with it as a gift for me last fall after I posted about being in the doldrums. I finally got it in the ground a week ago, and it doesn't seem any worse for having spent its winter in a nursery pot, although its many buds have still not opened.

Native Dicentra formosa self-sows all over the garden, but it's easily pulled out where I don't want it, and also easily transplanted to spots where I do

Ribes sanguineum is flowering heavily, hopefully feeding the hummers and bees although I haven't noticed that many yet

Waterlogged Pulsatilla vulgaris

Lunaria, a biennial transplanted into the cutting garden from seedlings that were self-sown elsewhere, is also flowering like mad

Here's a welcome sight -- the beginning shoots of Datisca cannabina, which I planted last fall after seeing a huge clump of it growing at the Bellevue Botanical Garden

A bird's-eye view of my house from their house

One of my favorite small trees is starting to leaf out -- Acer circinatum 'Pacific Fire'

For the most part only the tips of the branches are fiery red

The red color fades further along the trunk

A small pot ghetto -- at some point I'll get these in the ground

About a quarter of the plants here are headed for the spring plant swap in Portland -- the rest will eventually go into the front beds that are getting renovated, a process that started last August

The rest of the pot ghetto

I have eight trays of seedlings, here and in the photo below, also waiting to go into the renovated prairie-style planting in the front beds

So, that's what's up here in my garden.


  1. Excellent! I need to get out there with my camera and take a look at my garden, it's been too long. Oh, the Lunaria I got from you at the spring swap last year kind of disappeared but then came back with a vengeance this spring and is now blooming its head off.

  2. You've got a lot of good stuff going on (and a lot of planting to do)! I love the birds' green roof and your gorgeous red Camellia. "Ruby Red Death Bed"? You have me thinking I need to be more creative in naming areas of my garden.

  3. You have the potential for lots of great summer beauty in those seeding pots!

  4. we have had at least one day a week of rain since before Christmas..usually sat and sun it rains..which is pisses me off cause I have the ggs on weekends most of the time and we like doing stuff out doors.

  5. 'Black Magic' is gorgeous! How thoughtful of Camille to find and bring you 'Vestito Rosso MonBella'. She's such a kind and thoughtful person. Your podophyllum are looking very happy.

  6. That's a lot of seed starting going on. And that Ribes sanguineum - wow!


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