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Friday, April 1, 2016

Random Friday Front Garden

Here's a random grab bag of photos from my front garden. I'm still way behind in my cleanup, so they will all be closeups. You don't want to see the wide shots.

Muscari and Daffodil 'British Gamble'

Tulip 'Praestans Shogun'

Euphorbia rigida still in its nursery pot, flowering in the pot ghetto

This Erysimum smells like candy

I don't remember the name, but it has variegated foliage


I don't remember the name of this cute little pink flower -- in fact, I don't even remember planting it

I remember planting two of these last spring around this time, but the name escapes me
Fritillaria meleagris and Hellebore 'Penny's Pink' (probably)

Trillium choloropetalum 'Duane's Strain' and Euphorbia myrsinites behind, all still in nursery pots

I left the deadheads on my cardoon plant over the winter, and now the fertile seeds have sprouted

So, that's a random look around my front garden today. Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Nice close ups! It looks like spring in your garden!

  2. Your garden looks happy with all the flowers. Fritillaria is so pretty and unusual. I recently learned we can grow cardoon in our area so I'm planning to try it.

  3. Beautiful Trillium, your close-up photos are very pretty and I see you have already lots of different flowers in bloom.

  4. Love the combination of the daffodils and grape hyacinths! I'm also way behind on my clean up. Sometimes I just want to mow it all down and quit gardening but once I get out and work more, the love returns.

  5. Great photos! Now I want to see some wider shots. Please.

  6. *Sigh* I got stuck staring at the tulips for a few minutes - they look glorious, particularly with the sun shining through their petals. Everything looks good but I really liked the Muscari-daffodil color combination.

  7. You have so much colour in your front garden, it must look very pretty.I too am way behind with my tidying, but getting there slowly!

  8. It seems there are many of us still playing catch up with the spring clean up Alison. Be safe in the knowledge you are not alone. There is some lovely colour going on there right now, they must really lift the spirits whether the garden is tidy or not.

  9. Such pretties. Random is good.

  10. who care what the long shots look like when we can have close-ups like these?

  11. I agree with Ricki!! Your close ups look mighty fine to me! :o)

  12. The predominant colour in my garden now is brown, so I'd certainly forgive any of your perceived messiness. Yes, wide angle, please. (That second magenta flower with the four petals must be something in the mustard family, if that helps. Perhaps dame's rocket/Hesperis?)


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