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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Foggy Saturday Morning on the Plateau

I love fog. When I was in San Francisco for the Fling, despite the heat, there was always fog out on the bay, around Alcatraz and shrouding the Golden Gate Bridge. On our way back to the hotel on the bus one day, as we were heading toward the Golden Gate, we could see fog moving across the hills beside the highway like a living thing, just pouring quickly down the hillside toward us, like a liquid, then magically disappearing.

We often get fog in this area too, right at the height of summer like now. (We get plenty at other times too.) Real pea soup-type fog. Sometimes it's only up here on the plateau, and when we go down into the valley, it turns into clouds above us. Or occasionally, it will appear only down in the valley, and we'll be in brilliant sunshine. There's a spot on Route 410, where you can look out over the valley, and it looks like a lake of fog.

I haven't left the house yet this morning. Fog is all around us, so I took some photos of it (from indoors, still in my nightdress - oh, there's a lovely image). We're planning to go out later to the farmer's market in Puyallup. It'll be interesting to see where else the fog is.

Through a back window

Through a back window into a neighbor's yard. The leaves of his maple tree are already turning from summer drought stress.

Across the street, through a front window. The dark-leafed tree at the bottom is my Forest Pansy Redbud.

Across the street


  1. That's it...I'm moving to your neighborhood! I love fog so much, but we VERY rarely get it in my neighborhood...when we do, I go insane, running around trying to take photos while it lasts :-)

  2. Foggy mornings in pj's are simply the best. Enjoy the farmers market!

  3. Yep, it's foggy up here too. I have a few plants that are starting to turn brown too from lack of water. I can only water so much and it seems we've been doing it for months already. The foggy morning makes it feel much cooler.

  4. How I love these moody foggy pictures, and the sense of being enclosed in your house looking out at it all. Fog changes everything so dramatically.

    Your view out the back window is a wonderful sight.

  5. I also love fog, especially in the summer. Summer rain is also on my list of favorite things! Happy weekend!

  6. We have also had morning fog here on the island pretty.
    Hope you are having a happy weekend. xo

  7. The fog here had lifted a bit by 8:45 when I headed out for a walk, but it was still cool and damp. I'm not so fond of fog in July. I love clear sunny summer mornings.

  8. Makes me think of cool and misty forested mountains, Norse legends and Lord of the Rings.

  9. Love the captures of the fog...I have always loved it...I used to imagine I was walking in the clouds that fell to earth.

  10. Fog is so hard to photograph. Great shots! (even though you are still in your night clothes) I am outside every day in my nightie to check the rain gauge....and while there aren't too many neighbors around, I have been caught a time or two by early walkers.


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