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Friday, April 5, 2013

More of Spring Unfurling

After the warm sunny weather on Easter weekend, and the last couple of days' worth of soaking rain, my garden is really popping. This morning, the rain stopped briefly (there is actually a spot of blue sky right outside my window at the moment). What does an obsessed gardener do when the rain stops? Grab the camera and book it out the door, of course.

Oriental poppy gets ready to pop

Mottled Podophyllum disguises itself as soil

The green one has no such camouflage

Native sword fern stretches like a fist

Cobra-like Ostrich fern

Dainty Maidenhair fern has returned

The new growth on Mahonia x meadia 'Charity' reminds me of the movie Alien

I have a wide variety of Epimediums throughout the garden, and they have all started flowering. They are one of my favorite dry shade plants. They flower wonderfully in  the early spring, and when they're finished, the leaves combine well with others.

With Brunnera 'Jack Frost' on the left

Here the flowers hang above the foliage of Saxifraga cotyledon

I'm not at all diligent about cutting back the old foliage. It lasts such a long time, and when cut back leaves a bare spot in the winter garden

Here again with 'Jack Frost' Brunnera and the over-size leaves of oakleaf Hydrangea

This dry shade bed is one of my favorites. Only a little thought and planning went into it, and it looks fairly good despite that.

Yellow Corydalis has started flowering

Labrador violet too

I'm thinking I will spend the next stretch of dry days rescuing my Trillium from the encroachment of vanilla leaf and fringecup seedlings


  1. Alison, your garden looks fabulous, I can't believe how many things are flowering!! You have worked so hard on your yard and it has paid off, a real show place!

    I am going to take advantage of this rainy spell and sprinkle some more of those seeds you gave me..they are sitting on my buffet right now.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend. xo

  2. Gorgeous as always Alison! There's so much going on in the garden this time of year it's amazing! Here's to another fabulous growing season!

  3. Now THIS is what makes spring so incredibly miraculous, don't you think? You've captured the essence of spring. The Podophyllum really does look like he's camouflaging himself. And the Maidenhair looks like it's dancing as it travels upward. And that Mahonia foliage--too cool. Beautiful photos, Alison. I hope the blue sky will last into the weekend. But I have my doubts. At least down here. :)

  4. Your green Podophyllum are perfect, not a single bit taken out of the leaves. I'm jealous! I also don't remember ever seeing the new growth on my Mahonia look that fabulous...

  5. Your garden is breathtaking. It doesn't look like that in our area!

  6. Hi Alison, I see that you are enjoying your new camera! Your pictures are wonderful! I agree with Grace, you captured the very essence of spring in the PNW. Wonderful blooms and foliage! Cheers, Jenni

  7. There is nothing that says SPRING for me more than unfurling ferns. I grow ostrich ferns and love them, but not the other species you've got.

  8. I was hoping to find an Epimedium or two at the native plant sale....either they sold out or didn't have any to start yours!! Lots of spring beauties emerging.


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