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Friday, January 11, 2013

An Overnight Dusting of Snow

I assured Nigel last night that no snow would fall.

 Hard as it is for me to admit in print, I was wrong.

But surely, I was only a little bit wrong.

 We had a light dusting overnight, on the roofs and on the grass. But nothing stuck to the roads.

Now, fog is drifting in and out -- one minute we have a glimpse of bright sun and blue sky, the next thick fog.

Our little weather station claims there is sun in our forecast. says the same thing.


  1. I think the higher elevations in PDX got a light dusting as well (no such luck for us). I woke up super-early this morning, however, and the entire neighborhood was shrouded in the loveliest thick and mysterious!

  2. Hi Alison, It's cold here today too (27 degrees). I am looking forward to spring and getting out n the garden. Hope you get your chickens soon!
    xo Beth

  3. Our snow from the other day is still on the ground and roofs. It has been so cold, but at least the sun has been out!

  4. Hi Alison, we had a thick fog, roving in and out, yesterday morning too. It was quite pleasant when it would move on, only to have it come back an hour later. It's 27 again this morning. It will be sad to see what plants haven't made it after this cold stint. Cheer, Jenni

  5. Oh, I hate it when I have to admit I'm wrong, lol. (It's OFTEN, by the way.)

    We had no snow this weekend, for which I'm sorry. We had a mini-meltdown and hit 42 on Saturday and much of our lovely snow is gone. Now we're down to 14 tonight and we could really use the cover. Oh, well, hopefully there's more to come soon.

    Time to get some sleep, my hardest health regimen is getting enough rest. I'm smiling thinking of you walking with Leslie, too. I'm in good company!

  6. Hi, Alison! Thanks for stopping by my own blog and taking time to comment. I really appreciate that. I hope you got your sun, though a dusting of snow or even some ethereal fog would make our dreary days worthwhile.

  7. Brrrr-r-r-rrr that 27 degrees is pretty cold!! We have been having fog the last few nights...tonight our warm weather disappears... might be like yours- 27.


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