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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Foliage Followup -- September 2012

I don't have as many foliage pictures as I did flowers yesterday, but I do have a few. But -- watch out! The flowers weren't satisfied with showing off yesterday, they want to get in on the act today.

Cimicifuga foliage (with flower)

There are two different ferns at the feet of the Cimicifuga

There's a gargoyle peaking out from under there too!

The following two foliage combos used to be in the waterfall weir, but it started overflowing because it was too full, so I had to take them out and put them in the stream.
Canna, Acorus gramineus and golden creeping jenny (those darn raccoons have been chewing on it, it's a bit tattered)

Canna, Lysimachia and Acorus at the foot of the waterfall

Rumex sanguineus, Acorus and a sword fern with sori on the back, in the weir

Canna in the bed beside the stream. I was so surprised to see the tiny spiders hanging out here. Normally, they hatch in the spring.

One of my favorite foliage beds. Yes, there are a few flowers, but it's not overpowered by them. This bed is full of distinct and interesting shapes, and was mostly put together by chance.

Rubus lineatus in the gravel garden

Aren't these the coolest pleated leaves? I'm so glad this survived the summer drought. I bought it earlier this year on my trip to Jungle Fever in Tacoma.
Black mondo grass really stands out now that the gravel garden has gravel

It sets off the 'Sparkling Burgundy' Eucomis better too. Try to ignore that attention-seeking Nepeta there, photo-bombing my foliage picture.

And waiting in the wings in the ever-growing To Be Planted pile is a Panicum called 'Blood Brothers.' All that red was hard to resist. It's slated for the front bed under my two new trees. The 40% off price at Watson's was hard to resist too.

Foliage Followup is the brainchild of Pam Penick at Digging. She always hosts Foliage Followup the day after Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Lots of bloggers from all over will be posting about their interesting and unusual foliage. Once the flowers fade, it's foliage that carries a lot of the burden for creating interest in the garden. It's worth celebrating!


  1. found 'Blood Brothers'!!! I bought some last year for the same reason...the color is WONDERFUL! Sadly, I haven't seen them for sale again anywhere this year. Enjoy's F A B U L O U S!

  2. Great foliage collection. Love Bloody Sorrel, don't see it too often.

  3. I didn't know Cannas or Rumex could grow in water. You've given me some great ideas since we have a pond and stream.

    1. Ms. Wis., They are both planted in fabric Smart Pots, to contain the roots and the soil. Although the roots have grown through the fabric. I'm not sure how they'll do planted straight into the stream. Also, you probably can't over-winter the Cannas in the stream in Wisconsin, but the Rumex might be hardy. They are thriving in the fabric containers.

  4. Oh wow, your combinations of bright green, chartreuse, and burgundy are terrific and the new panicum will add even more. The pleated leaves on the rubus are so interesting in texture, wonder if I can grow that one.

  5. That Rubus lineatus has an absolutely stunning leaf. But I also really like the combo of Rumex sanguineus, Acorus and sword fern -- gorgeous!

  6. I love the bold leaves of your cannas!!

  7. Rubus lineatus is a favorite of mine too! Love the pleated leaves & their beautiful silver undersides! Your foliage bed is lovely and planted by Chance the gardener? He did a marvelous job.

  8. I'm thinking your photos are going to create a run on that Rubus.

  9. Great stuff, I especially love that Rubus lineatus. Is that hardy for you?

  10. I am always so impressed at how many different plants you have in your yard and they are all so healthy too. The leaves on the one plant do look pleated, I can even picture them in a nice flower arrangement for added texture.

    Hope you are having a lovely Monday! xo

  11. Amazing foliage follow-up! It looks like the plantings around your stream are really filling in. I just love the clear water and the rocks.


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  13. So many interesting plants! Rubus is my favorite here!


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