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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gravel Garden Progress

Despite our bad weather, there has been some progress on the gravel garden, and not just in the plant acquisition department. The old section of fence between the gravel parking area was taken down, and the beginnings of a new gate and fence is taking shape.

Forms created for footings for the new gate

Footings filled with concrete

Cinder block piers to be faced with decorative stone, for a gate to hang from

Gabions built

Ready to be hauled away and powder-coated

Gravel being scraped up. Rather than pay to have it hauled away, we gave it to our neighbor for his driveway

Soil arrived today, looking a bit rich. We added more sand to it.


Stock tanks, 22 X 44

No, that's not a body wrapped in the yellow plastic, it's the cedar for the new gate and fence.

Unbelievably, today, the first day of spring, it snowed off and on, as several snow squalls came through our region in waves. Yet, just a little way to the north, closer to Seattle, it was apparently sunny enough to get out and garden. It's hard not to be jealous of the rest of the country, which is enjoying record warmth.