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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nursery Tour #1

It started out with a Google search -- Puyallup Garden Centers (not nurseries, that gets me garden centers mixed with nursery schools, not the most useful list). I spent yesterday plugging the addresses into my GPS and doing a little tour. I was the only fool out there, at both places I was their one and only customers. I didn't realize sitting inside my warm house that it was barely above freezing yesterday. The nursery workers were all dressed in parkas and warm, woolly gloves. And there I was wandering around with my camera in a sweatshirt, breathing out in puffs of mist!

Anyway, I got some good photos, and at the second place I went, I hit the jackpot. I found two of the shrubs I've been looking for to put in my front foundatuion bed (also some perennials I couldn't resist, LOL)

My first visit was to Todd's Nursery in Puyallup. They had a lovely koi pond, with a cool bridge and a waterfall, and some large, very hungry looking fishies.

Also, they had acres of shrubs and small trees to choose from.

There was a sweet doggie carrying a ball around in his mouth, who really wanted to play with me, and wouldn't hold still for a picture.

They had a nice display of heucheras. I was very tempted.

And I saw a water feature that I want! I've decided with this garden, I'm not going to have a pond, I'm going to have a disappearing stream. It looks like this rock has a hole drilled through it, the water bubbles up at the top and runs down into a reservoir below.

I think I'll save the photos of the second place for another post. That's enough for today.