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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wednesday Vignette

My picture today is all about perspective. I noticed it when I was sorting through the photos that I included in yesterday's post about Heronswood.

It could be an extreme closeup of a small plant like a primula. But it's not. It's actually a group of western skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanus), and that leaf standing upright in the center is as tall as me (I'm about 5'2")

When I was putting this post together I looked for a bunch of pithy quotes about perspective to include. The one I liked best wasn't attributed to anyone.

"When you realize that by changing your perspective, big things can be seen as little things, it becomes much harder to worry about anything."

I'm going to have to remember that one. All those things that cause me anxiety aren't skunk cabbages, they're really Primulas.


  1. Wow, it was really hard for me to see this as anything but a close-up of a small plant. Good one Alison!

  2. Good commentary and life advice. I wish I could see you next to that giant leaf, for perspective.

  3. Remarkable! That skunk cabbage is just a little scary...

    P.S. I love your recent updates to your sidebar, particularly the first one featuring the bear. It makes me laugh all over again every time I see it.

    1. Haha - I agree. The bear cracks me up too!!

  4. I knew immediately what and where you were photographing. Those skunk cabbages at Heronswood are gigantic. Wish a camera trick could reduce DT down to size.

  5. I love the sentiment about perspective. It really IS the great modulator!

  6. A wise idea. There has been so much to worry about this last week.

  7. Good to remember - primulas, not skunk cabbages.


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