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Monday, September 3, 2018

In A Vase on Monday

For In A Vase on Monday I decided to pick the only two Eucomis that were blooming in my garden. I have more, but for some reason, it doesn't seem inclined to produce a flower this year, although it has in the past. In other areas of my garden, I've tried to grow Eucomis, usually the variety called 'Sparkling Burgundy,' but there's really only one spot where they thrive, which is on top of the recycled concrete wall in the front garden in western sun. They often come up with reddish leaves, but they quickly turn olive green.

I also picked some big rose red blooms from one of my tuberous Begonias for a smaller vase, and I refreshed the topknot on my funky little head vase, making a threesome behind my kitchen sink today. None of last week's flowers survived.

Tuberous Begonia

Eucomis 'Sparkling Burgundy'

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden hosts In a Vase on Monday. Check out her post here.

Here in the U.S. it's Labor Day, considered by some, especially schoolchildren, to be the end of summer. When I was a child, school always started on the Wednesday after Labor Day, but now it seems to start earlier, sometimes even in August. Our weather has been decidedly cooler, but I could do with some rain.


  1. A tantalizing trio! Of course, as you know, tuberous begonias are a favorite and yours are gorgeous!

  2. That's a great way to enjoy the complex beauty of Eucomis up close.

  3. That's a fantastic trio! The begonia flowers look so much more elegant than how I see them on the plants.

  4. I don't know which I envy more - the Eucomis or the begonia blooms. My Eucomis, which I also think are 'Sparkling Burgundy', have NEVER bloomed, although they routinely produce foliage. It's annoying to say the least.

    I'm enjoying the recent updates to your side-bar this morning too.

  5. Your flowers look great - I'd never heard of Eucomis so I'm going off to look it up. I've got petunias in my vase today as I'm full of a cold and they were the nearest to the door.
    It's back to school this week for kids in Eng/wales. Scottish kids go back in August. love Bec

  6. Another beautiful arrangement with yet another plant I've never heard of. Eucomis is lovely! Back to school here, too. Somebody turned on the water faucet for our area finally, and it's been a blessing. We've been lucky, a mere 100 miles from us, flooding is rampant with up to sixteen inches of rain last week. We've had around six so far and just this morning another 2.5". At least my fish can swim in the pond again.

  7. Very stylish! For a minute I thought those red flowers were plastic, they are so perfect.

  8. Your Begonia flowers are great and I love this unusual but wonderful combination of Eucomis, Begonia and Dahlia.


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