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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wednesday Vignette

A couple of weeks ago I decided to run away from home.

I only got as far as Bellevue, though. I stopped at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. Actually, that was my destination to begin with. I was feeling sick and tired of my own garden and in desperate need of some inspiration. I took lots of photos, but right now for my Wednesday Vignette I want to share some photos I took while I was wandering around the BBG's Perennial Border.

Actually, perennial border (singular) is a misnomer, it's a series of wide, lush borders set into a sunny  slope with gravel paths running through them, and wide stairs that run up and down the slope at various intervals, perpendicular to the paths. As I was walking along one of the paths, my attention was drawn to this plant. You can see it in the photo below, center right, spraying up out of the border like a fountain.

What on earth was it?

As I got closer I realized I was probably going to have to go around to the path below to find out. Most plants in the border are labeled, but this one was closer to the path below, and that was where I knew I would find the label. Meanwhile, I took a moment to admire it again.

I came down the stairs and turned back toward it. See it there ahead of me, flinging those long, droopy flowers out over the path ahead?

Finally, I stood under it and marveled at those flowers, dangling like dreadlocks.

I looked down.

Much Googling followed, with the discovery that Far Reaches Farms sells it. I have a trip to Far Reaches coming up in a week or so, and it's hopefully in the order that's waiting for me there.

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