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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bunny Infestation at Watson's Nursery

Watson's Nursery has been invaded by bunnies -- fortunately, they're all indoors, and they're Easter bunnies.

At first $40 seemed like a lot, but two plants, a bird's nest with eggs, plus the basket and ribbon, not to mention the worker's time to put it together, all add up

Bunnies and baskets galore

Love this bright crockery

How cute is this little cake plate with bunnies climbing on it?

If you have kids, think about giving them books instead of candy in their baskets. Of course, they would have to be pretty big baskets, but still...

Of course, you know all the most fun things about Easter are pagan, right? Including the bunny symbolism.

This little teapot with its cheerful message was tempting

Cactus and succulent-themed dishware and home decor seems to be the current hot trend.

Celebrate the return of spring by encasing some plants in glass

I rather like this one, with its egg-like shape, the fern and the purple-leaf plant, and the bit of too-big driftwood rising out of it

This was an intriguing construction of moss ball, driftwood and orchid

It's the perfect time of year to start thinking about putting together a big dish garden full of succulent and dry-loving houseplants too.

Some nice color echoes with the Echeveria nodulosa and Euphorbia trigona

This trio of ruffled Echeverias is such a perfect match for the bowl

It's all very spring-like, which is appropriate, since today is March 1, the first day of meteorological spring. Easter is coming up fast, it's only a month away. It's on Sunday, April 1. No fooling.