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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Greenhouse in Winter

It's been a long time since I've shown the inside of the greenhouse. Of course right now it's full to the brim with my tender plants, as well as several trays of seeds that I've sown and a few empty spots still waiting for seed starting.

The greenhouse from the front door

I cleaned the runnels off this fall and placed buckets underneath to collect rainwater, which I've been using to water the plants inside.

Should we open the door and go inside?

Who knows what havoc this robot might have wreaked if I hadn't captured him?

Don't make me release my flying monkeys!


The world nowadays could use a Harry Potter Time-Turner, not to mention a soft bed of moss to lie on

To the right of the door is this cluster of pots too big for a shelf

This Agave 'Blue Glow' has been living in this corner for the last two years, all winter and summer

Happy Begonia luxurians is flowering

Another Begonia flower

Mangave 'Bloodspot' -- that explains the markings!

Curly-leaved Hoya in a headpot

Rhipsalis in another headpot

Bet you didn't know Wonder Woman lived in my greenhouse, did you?

This lightbox/marquee was a gift from Nigel

My Aloe aristata offsets like mad

My seed starting isn't exactly the most organized process

But I get the job done

Salvia 'Merleau Blue' sprouts

Perhaps hard to see, but Dahlia 'Black Beauty' is sprouting too

I kick over this Mad Hatter-esque stack of drip pans every time I go in
Here are a couple of panorama shots:

The left hand side

The right hand side
I hope you enjoyed this look inside the greenhouse!