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Monday, December 25, 2017

Get the Poin?

Since well before Christmas this year, Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) began appearing in a fabulous array of colors and varieties. I've never been particularly taken with Poinsettias (when I was younger I thought it was spelled Pointsettia). Rumored to be poisonous like other members of the Euphorbia plant family and supposedly notoriously difficult to keep alive and hard to get to flower again, I've never before been tempted to buy one. But man-o-man, this year I was really tempted by the lusciousness of some of these plants. My current cat Ronin has chewed on just about every plant I've brought into the house, including, amazingly, a prickly Pachypodum, so I fear what he would do to a Poinsettia.

So, this year I just took lots and lots of pictures of them.

From a pre-Thanksgiving trip to Molbak's with Peter (The Outlaw Gardener).

These cream and pink bracts reminded me of candy canes

From Windmill Gardens Nursery in Sumner:

Some of these varieties even appeared in my local Fred Meyer, but I never hauled my camera out while I was shopping for groceries. What do you think of Poinsettias? I really should have given in to my temptation to buy one or two this year, right? There's always next year.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays this year to all my readers and blogging friends.