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Friday, February 17, 2017

One Last Disneyland Post -- What the Heck is It?

There were a few plants that I saw at Disneyland that I didn't recognize but that intrigued me. I'm hoping some Californian readers out there can identify them for me.

Sorry I didn't get a good shot of the entire tree or its foliage, but this fruit got my attention

I didn't recognize this, but its droopy flowers and heart-shaped leaves reminded me of a Hydrangea

I'm actually guessing this is a ponytail palm, but it was enormous -- I'm used to seeing ponytail palms in little pots

The caudex was the size of some prehistoric creature's foot

After our recent snow and a couple of days that teased spring-like temps, followed by more winter rain, I'm totally ready to go back to California. Who wants to come with me?