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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hardy Plant Study Weekend -- There's Always an Agave

In my recent post about Susie Marglin's garden, I captioned one of the photos "There's always an Agave." This is a quote from a post by Loree Bohl of the blog Danger Garden, who claims (and she's right) that if you look hard enough, on every garden or nursery visit, there's always an Agave. This held true for the Hardy Plant Study Weekend tours, as well.

They don't always look their best, but that may be preferable to multiple amputations, which can lead to Agaves that look disconcertingly like a pineapple. (Sometimes it's an Aloe polyphylla that you misidentify.)

Usually they look fabulous!

Sometimes they're in cool containers.

(Sssshhh, I cheated, that's a Yucca)  behind the Sempervivum

Agave stricta on the right (I think)

Increasingly, on garden tours lately, I've discovered there is often a Schefflera too.

On Hardy Plant Study Weekend, there were also a lot of Hydrangea asperas.

With their weird, fuzzy, bumpy, lumpy flower buds.

And rarely, every so often, there's a Podophyllum.