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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm Melting! Melting!

"Oh, what a world, what a world!"

We had more snow over the weekend that covered everything, even the grass and the streets, but I was too much of a snow curmudgeon to go out and get pictures. That would have meant admitting that a snow-covered garden has a certain degree of beauty.

Now it's above freezing, and I went out to capture the melting, which I am much happier about.

Garlic poking its way up through

Snow that was on top of the hoophouse plastic on Sunday has slid off into a pile of slush

Something large -- probably a raccoon -- has made its way between the raised beds in the veggie garden. There was evidence elsewhere of their destructive playing.

On Sunday there was no green, only white

These much smaller tracks are probably from a cat...

Chasing this little fella maybe.

The snow on the roof of the greenhouse is starting to melt and slide off, creating rivulets

And lots and lots of drips

Splish splash!
 There's a post sabout the greenhouse coming, be patient.

In plenty of spots nothing but water droplets are left.

Like this Yucca aloifolia 'purpurea'

I'm so very glad that we didn't get snow followed by ice, like Portland. I can commiserate with them, we had an ice storm a couple of years ago that left Washington without power all over, and lots of downed trees, including my pear, which had to be replaced.

Soon, if not today, they'll be celebrating the melting too, and wondering what lived and what died. That wicked witch winter will be dead soon, and the Emerald City and environs can start rejoicing.