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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Waiting for Nigel

The Farmer's Market in Puyallup runs on Wednesday evening, with considerably fewer vendors. I wanted to check it out, so I made plans to meet Nigel there after work. He's taking the train all the way to Puyallup, and walking a couple of blocks to the market.

I never noticed these roses in the park before where the Farmer's Market takes place.

I'm experimenting with posting from Blogger on my phone. I'll be curious to see how it looks on my computer when I get home tonight.


  1. Your pictures and post look great. I'm glad that you had the roses to keep you company while you waited.

  2. The post looks good. It's quite tricky to do anything by mobile because you can't tell exactly what you are doing.

    Glad you are having fun at the market.

  3. It looks great, I would never have known you were doing it from you phone..You are brave! xo

  4. Look at you go crazy mobile blogger!

    Do you know the song "Making Plans for Nigel by XTC? You've got it stuck in my head now...

  5. The post looks good, so do the photos!


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