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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Spice of Life

I have a large variety of columbines growing in a shade area of my garden this year, and I am thrilled! My first spring here I tried sowing a bunch of columbine seeds in a shady area under the Douglas firs, but some overzealous mow-and-blow crew members grubbed the little seedlings out with a grub hoe, thinking they were weeds.

So I tried again, and when the seedlings popped up, I covered them with cages made of hardware cloth, to make sure it didn't happen again. Last year I had plenty of leaves, but not many flowers.

This year -- Wham! So many different colors and flower types!

Short, tall, double, single, frilly -- and everything in between.

Second only to daylilies, columbines are one of my favorite flowers. I tried to get a patch of them going in my old garden, and I basically succeeded, but they never looked like this!

Did I mention I'm thrilled?

Wouldn't you be?


  1. They are so beautiful!! What type of seed mix did you use? I can't believe all of the beautiful color variation. Really an impressive collection! Cheers, Jenni

  2. We might just call you the Columbine Queen as I have never seen such ones as these!

  3. P.S. Working on your tile today..thanks for the order!

  4. Wow, some of them are gorgeous. Lucky you!!

  5. Girl, these are gorgeous! I've heard that they will cross-pollinate and you'll have different varieties. I especially like Norah Barlow and that red, frilly one. Btw, I'll have seed for the variegated 'Woodside Strain' soon if you'd like some. I've got a photo of the foliage posted on my blog.

  6. I love Columbine too, those yellow ones must really pop in the shade. I bought some doubles at Lowe's on the discount rack a month or so ago. These little pixie hats are so cute, just want to add more, like you!

  7. Hi Alison! Your collection of columbines is very impressive! I have only four varieties. I brought some seeds from Thomas Jefferson garden, but what a disappointment - I don't see a single plant!


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