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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fertilizer Friday -- Spring Ephemerals, and Some Others

The sun was shining this morning when I got up and stumbled downstairs to get my green tea with jasmine (I have given up coffee,  mostly -- OK, I indulge in a latte every few days,  but it's always decaf). I took a quick, bleary-eyed look out the sliding glass doors into the back yard, and did a double-take. Where did all that green come from? I know I've been concentrating on the new garden, in the front, but still -- how did I not notice this? And...and...there were flowers!

Ribes sanguineum/Red flowering currant

Of course, the sun didn't last all day. It rained, and then it hailed. And then it rained again. And now the sun is out again.

Marsh marigold

But I managed to get out there to take some pictures.

Epimedium 'Fire Dragon'

Epimedium perralchium 'Frohnleiten'

Epimedium rubrum

Primula 'Belarina Nectarine'

Euphorbia 'Ruby Glow'

Fritillaria meleagris/Checkered lily -- I always think of this as Pixel Lily

Dodecatheon meadia/Shooting star

Trillium ovatum

Native maidenhair fern

Ostrich fern

Yellow fawn lily

Tiarella cordifolia

Dicentra spectabilis 'Gold Heart'


Clever dandelion, hiding amongst the poppy foliage

Dandelion foliage is actually quite similar to poppy foliage, but without the hairs. Can you spot both?

Rain on Mexican feather grass

Agave ovatifolia

Sedum ewersii

Rain on Sempervivum

After I took these photos, I went out and took notes on names of plants with a pen and a pad of paper. Nigel saw me, and commented, "I saw you out there with your pad of paper," (In a high-pitched Alison-voice, talking to the plants) "What can I get you? Some companions, maybe?"

It's been a while since I participated in Tootsie Time's Fertilizer Friday. There really hasn't been much in the way of flowers out there to post about. But now there is.

Go to Tootsie Time and check out all the other posts from people with beautiful flowers to flaunt.


  1. The photo of the fern unfurling is astonishing! Love the marsh marigolds and epimediums and red flowering currant. Indeed, there is a lot of beauty for flaunting in your garden today!

  2. Wow Alison, Your garden looks wonderful. I am way behind you. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Great looking blooms to flaunt! I really have to get one of those checkered lilies! Cheers, Jenni

  4. Looks like spring in your neighborhood. Beautiful blooms.

  5. Alison, I really enjoyed walking through the garden with you! I haven't tried any epimedium but do love 'Fire Dragon.' And the shooting stars are so pretty. I jotted down some notes and plan to add these to our garden. You did a great job photographing the blooms. Thanks for sharing and happy FF! ~~Rhonda

  6. Weds and Thurs were both weird weather days here too. But I did notice how much seemed to grow after the heavy rain on Weds. Lots of seeds finally sprouted. You've got so many pretty spring flowers. I love how this time of year there's surprises almost everyday.

  7. What I want to know is, did you get wet knees from stooping to get those FABULOUS photos? I didn't know you were growing so many spring ephermerals but I think yours is the most complete collection I've seen. Those Shooting Stars--wowzers! You did an excellent job capturing each plant. And isn't it funny how some plants will seek out similar-looking plants and put down roots next to, attempting to be incognito? You gotta love their ingenuity and will to survive. Here's to more (some) sunshine!!


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