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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flowering Right Now

Since the last day of the NWFGS I have been wracked by a bad cough that just will not let go of me. I thought maybe I felt a cold coming on that day, but I tried to deny it to myself. But since then, about a week and a half ago, I have been coughing. Some days I have little to no energy, and very little appetite. (You'd think I would have lost weight, but noooooo, that would be too much to expect).

My dad used to say "Look out, casket, I'm coughin'" -- a silly play on words that amused him.

Today the sun actually came out for a while, and it didn't rain. The sun enticed me out to take some pictures of the few flowers I have in my garden.

There are quite a few Hellebores.

This one might be Red Lady.

Ivory Prince

This might be Red Lady too. I got one last year, but can't remember where I planted it.

This one is called Tutu. I got it at the NWFGS.

I have a few Cyclamen coum flowers.

It looks like I have lots of baby Cyclamen too. Last year's flowers must have dropped some seeds.

I have a few pretty primroses. I like this one with its pink picotee edge. The slugs have been chewing on it. I must remember to buy more Sluggo.

This vibrant blue primrose really stands out.

I have one little patch of snowdrops flowering.

Aren't they cute?

Mahonia x meadia 'Charity' is flowering for the first time since I planted them two years ago. I hope I get some fruit from it later this year. I hear birds love the "grapes."

BTW, I removed word verification from the comments on my blog. I've had such a problem on other blogs that use it, the Captcha image that they use is so hard to make out. I don't think it's my old lady eyesight either, I've heard this from others as well.


  1. sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly, and hope the little walk around the garden cheered you up. It certainly cheered me up looking at your lovely flowers,
    thanks for sharing
    I have noticed more and more people using word verification.

  2. Lots of flowers in your garden right now!

    I too returned from the NWFG Show sick, there was something in the air, get well...spring is coming and you're going to need all your energy to finish your gravel garden!

  3. Oh! I got my cold from you?! Ugh! Anyway, we have no flowers yet here on the east side, but I saw the beginnings of crocuses pushing up next to my driveway today...I guess winter is finally on its way out. As for word verification, I think it is just as easy to moderate comments as have CAPTCHA or whatever...then again, I don't have that many commentors, so that could be influencing my opinions

  4. Alison,

    Your first hellebore photo looks exactly like my Red lady. The other one is not it. Cheers...

  5. Alison, I think we have caught the same cold, drat. Neither of us need this, do we? The only difference is, my appetite is not affected, which would be a plus for me, lol.

    I went back and read the posts I've missed; you have posted so many gorgeous pictures of the garden show. Those stone plinths made me almost drool. I loved those blown glass-cicles, too. They would add so much drama to any planting. The little garden sheds always appeal to me, too.

    Chickens are fun to have, but as you said, they can be destructive in the garden. I think we are going to have to look into a chicken tractor for the girls for the growing season, because if they were free to roam about after my annuals are planted, in one hour, I wouldn't have any annuals left. They also love to peck and munch on hosta leaves, the blue leaf varieties with crinkly, cabbage-like leaves seem to be a favorite. Our girls have a 100' square pen with 5' tall sides for the times when they aren't allowed out to play in the garden and there is nothing whatsoever growing in there right now due to their diligent scratching and digging. I have to keep bird netting up, too, because the Girls can fly up and over the fence. Every day I throw my accumulation of weeds from weeding over the fence for them to work on, and of course, any table scraps we have. A chicken tractor would allow me to take them out of the pen for the day and they could work over the soil in a new area every day. Now all I need to do is build one. Ha.

    This weight loss journey is a bumpy ride...and a Slow one. We'll get there, Alison!

  6. Lovely blooms...spring is certainly in the air, isn't it! That's so awesome that you have all those Cyclamen seedings...there's nothing better than FREE plants!

  7. Alison, here's to your getting over this bug soon and feeling as good as your plants look!

  8. Get well soon.

    We had that, Lane for 5 weeks, me for a month. He went to the doctor for a scheduled visit and got antibiotics. I treated my symptoms. We used a whole bale of Kleenex. I'm glad it's over.

  9. I hope you are feeling better! Maybe the sun that came out today will help?! It's so nice to have flowers blooming. Have the hummingbirds found your Mahonia? I've read they like it. I have Red Lady and Blue Lady and they look exactly the same to me. I love 'Tutu'!!

  10. I love the one you got at the flower show. Tutu...perfect!!! I wanted a Mahonia but was vetoed because of the spiny leaves. (Don't tell him the Quince has thorns!!) hahahaha
    Love your latest addition to FB. thanks for removing the word verification, I didn't like the new method either.

  11. How wonderful to have so many blooms around you. - A few years ago my sister had the same complaints as you...she finally went to the doctor and was shocked to find out that she had 'pneumonia'! Hopefully you are on the mend soon. xo

  12. You have so many lovely hellebores, especially the tutu. Wow! I only have two or three kinds, and the Lenten Rose is just about bloom! I'm so excited.

  13. Been catching up on the posts I've missed. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling great. Loved seeing all the blooms in your garden.

  14. Allison, you have so many lovely bloomers (and way more than me!) I really need more hellebores and a 'Charity" mahonia!

    Your dad's turn of phrase is funny: Here's my dad's constant comment if you cough: "It's not the cough that carries you off, it's the coffin they carry you off in!" Laugh (if you can do it without coughing) and feel better fast!


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