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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More of That Cement Craftiness

Are you sick of my projects yet? Except for some lackluster preparations for Christmas, this is just about all that's going on here. I thought since it's winter and I can't do any real gardening anyway, I might as well concentrate on some craft projects.

I do have one plant still blooming out in my garden -- A Sheffield Mum. But they probably won't last much longer.

Here's how some of my last projects turned out.

The Medallions:

Can you see a lady's face in there?


The Hanging Ornaments: Only three of them came out of the molds in one piece, the fourth isn't going to come out without some persuasion by a hammer.

Lump with Leaf Impressions:

I have also done a couple of other projects with cement. I used a little glass bowl to make a round plant container.

I put the cement in, and then pushed a Styrofoam ball wrapped in plastic wrap into it.

The top edge is a bit wonky, I wonder if I can file it smooth?

The trouble with using glass bowls is you have to break them to get the item out, so they are one use only. Good thing they only cost a couple of dollars at the thrift store. I wrapped it in a trash bag, and then gave it a few whacks with a hammer. It released very easily. I put on leather gloves to lift it out of the bag. If you do this, be careful not to cut yourself on the broken glass shards.

The other item I made was a lump with a deep leaf impression in the center from the little leaf-shaped glass bowl I had, and then real leaf impressions along the edges. It didn't come out perfect, but it's ok.

I still have lots more ideas for things to make with cement, so I hope you're not all bored stiff yet...


  1. I really love the bowl! That is going to look so good with plants and moss growing on it! I think it was worth breaking the glass. I really like all the ones with leaf impressions too.

    Hope you a have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Alison..I'm enjoying your crafty cement projects too! Keep them coming :)

  3. Alison,

    Enjoyed seeing these projects. Hope to have more free time to do this type of projects pretty soon.

  4. I like seeing your projects. I think wonky edges give them character, as if they weren't from an assembly line.

  5. Everything looks great!! So what's your conclusion about the type of cement? Are you happier with this type? Or are you still experimenting with the bags from Lowes? I would like to hear a comparison of the types of cement you've tried once you're done experimenting.


  6. I like your enterprise, Allison! And I really like the cement bowl. The leaf bowl would look good out in the garden with water in it for little birds.

    When I worked with hypertufa, I was able to use a rasp to clean up some of the rougher parts: you might try that, but maybe experiment on a hidden area or a broken item first.

  7. Definitely not bored...I love them!


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