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Sunday, January 24, 2010

More on the New Back Garden

I really need to keep up with this every day or every other day so I don't end up doing a long series of posts like this, one right after the other. Well, I'm playing Catch-up.

OK, last week the work started with the landscape contractor. He started on Monday, and worked pretty much all week on it. The first day he scraped up all the grass -- too bad, it was really very nice grass, but it would have gotten completely torn up anyway with his two digging machines. One is a little bobcat, and the other is ummm.....a big digger.

He started out by removing the little fence around the swingset, and then used to digger to take out the concrete plugs that held the posts on the little fence. The landscape contractor's name is Chris Gilliam, of Gilliam Construction, and he uses that big machine like a surgeon uses a scalpel. It's pretty amazing to watch.

You can see in this next picture where he started taking up the grass. It was a beautiful day, nice and sunny and warm. In fact, he had great weather all of last week while he was working. Cool -- in the 40s -- but no rain.

He also took down the little ratty piece of fencing that the previous owners put up to hide all the crap they had thrown beside the shed. He took that down and then pulled all kinds of stuff out of there. Blackberry brambles that had taken over, a wheelbarrow, even an old lawn mower, that he thinks he may be able to make work again.

He took out the landscape fabric that was under a couple of the beds too, and put all the stuff in a big pile to be hauled away.

This was all pretty much the first day's work.