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Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Pictures

There's a mixed shrub and tree bed along the right hand side of the front yard. I took some pictures before I started planting, about a month ago, before the leaves started turning.


After (facing the opposite direction):

As you can see, the leaves are falling. Besides those plants from Santa Rosa and Bluestone, there are some Hellebores that I bought at a local nursery, and some swap plants -- a Heuchera Purple Palace, a Corydalis lutea, a Clematis tubulosa (a bush-type Clem), and an unnamed Aquilegia. At the back on the left there is also a Hedychium (butterfly ginger) that I got at the spring swap. I think it will have white flowers, but I'm not positive. We'll see next year.

Further down that same bed, closer to the street, I planted the grasses, which prefer more sun, and the blackberry lilies, which will have orange flowers that I hope will complement the bronzey grasses.

At the very front, near the street under the cherry tree I planted the Baptisias (blue and white) and the Pardon Me daylilies.

My legs and back are aching!