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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tell The Truth Tuesday -- The Trouble With Gardening Under Douglas Firs

The last three weeks have been a black hole of lost time. On Christmas Day I came down with a bad cold. I thought at first it wouldn't be too bad, the first three or four days I was only mildly ill. But by New Year's Eve I was flat on my back after unbelievable congestion and a fever hit me like a ton of bricks, and turned my head into an enormous, dripping, slurping, sweating, throbbing, disgusting snotball. I spent two days in bed not eating, barely aware, followed by a long, slow claw-back to a semblance of health. I'm actually still coughing as I write this post.

On New Year's Eve we got a powerful windstorm, which Nigel says woke him up when he heard what sounded like a crowd of people running across our roof. I was too sick to be aware of it, I never heard a thing. But I did see the effect the next day. The storm blew thousands of twigs and lots of large branches off the Douglas fir trees that surround our garden, and sheared off one of our fence posts and toppled a fence panel (the fence that separates us from the angry, barky dog).

The fence got fixed within a couple of days (Latticetop Fence Company), but it's two weeks later now and I still haven't cleaned up the branches. I got out of breath just walking around taking these pictures.

Branches blew onto the porch even though it's under a roof

The lawn strewn with twigs and branches

The Douglas firs are a constant source of cones

The biggest pile

Branches in the stream

The fence, which at first looked like a bull had charged through it, has since been fixed (Nigel went out and stood the fence panel back up for this picture)

Have you ever been too tired or sick (or just plain sick and tired of gardening) to clean up after a storm? What's the longest you've left debris in your garden?

Do you have some other ugly garden truths to show us today? Or are you too distracted by what's blooming on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day? I don't have much to show on this January day.


  1. Those are pretty ornery stems, too, are they? The kind that get stuck in the rake and you have to pull them out one by one and clean up takes forever. Despite the branches, your stream is quite beautiful! It looks as though it has always been there.

    Very sorry to hear you were feeling so terrible over the holidays. Hope you are feeling much better.

    My TTT post must wait until next week, but I have a litter issue to confess to, as well.

  2. I agree with Hoover Boo, the stream is lovely.
    I have cedars, and get the same mess after a wind. Two of them (incense cedars) dropped "cones" not long ago. What a mess...

  3. Glad that you're starting to feel a bit better. Your garden looks like it's been decorated for the holidays. I went out the other day to find lots of twigs and branches in the beds beneath some trees. Mostly just pulled the biggest ones off of plants and threw them in the paths so now it's dangerous to walk out there. Oh well, if we don't pick up the litter, it'll eventually decompose, right?

  4. Wow, those firs get around! My battle with the dreaded asparagus ferns continue. I can't pass one now without trimming it back and trying to collect every berry it's dropped. Even trying to plant creeping thyme to fill the blank spaces between paving stones, I'm running into asparagus fern roots. I may have to dig up a couple of my smaller succulent beds after all.

    P.S. Love the new pieces in your sidebar!

    1. I also love the new pieces in the side bar (even if i'm very late in noticing them!) Since i use "not my monkeys, not my circus" at work some times, i will have to remember that one! I hope you're feeling better, and that the debris has founds its way to a pile!

  5. See now storms like this (we had it too) should happen before the holidays so we have all that free material to deck the halls with! I'm glad you're feeling better. I had one heck of a "tell the truth" post lined up for today, then I remembered that it's Bloomday. The mess will just have to wait until next Tuesday...

  6. We've cleaned up after two big windstorms now, with debris from both fir and cedar trees. Fortunately I did not have health issues to deal with, except a bad back of course, and clean up was done within a few days.
    I hope you are on the mend and there brighter days, spirit wise, ahead for you.

  7. So sorry to hear you've been poorly over the festive season, hope you soon feel like your normal self. That was some storm that you had, what a pity they didn't drop in one neat pile!

  8. Hey, you're just gardening for wildlife! Aren't we supposed to leave clutter and brush piles around the yard? Hope you feel better.


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