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Friday, June 8, 2018

My New Manicure

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
"I broke a nail!"

I bet like me you don't spend much time, especially at this busy gardening time of the year, on your fingernails. In fact, I've never bothered with a professional manicure in my life. Even though I wear disposable nitrile gloves, my nails are still a mess.

But I figure there's no reason I can't give one of my pots some fabulous nail art.

A few weeks ago I called Nigel out into the garden to give me a hand lifting a large pot onto a set of my favorite pot feet. They look kind of like lion's paws, with big claws. They're just simple pot feet made from terra cotta, but Nigel got to talking and suggested they might look good with some color on them. The big pot that they support sits in front along with my big display of talavera pots. I don't remember who came up with the idea that the pot feet would look good with nail art, it might have been me, it might have been him.

Fortunately I know someone with an artistic, creative daughter who's into nail art -- my friend Camille! I emailed her to see if her daughter Marian would be willing to take a stab at it, and she said yes! So I delivered the pot feet to her just a few days ago and --


Aren't they cool? Each nail is unique

I gave her some acrylic craft paint for painting terra cotta in colors that match the talavera pots and told her she had free rein.

I love them. I'm so lucky to know someone with artistic talent who can follow through on my wild ideas. I also thought it was important that Marian know that her talent is valuable, so I paid her for her work.

Camille sent me a couple of photos of Marian, painting the pot feet, and with an exhibit from her school where some of her art was displayed.

Marian on the right and Camille's middle daughter Louisa on the left, also engaged in an art project

The tree of life on the left and the koi on the upper right are Marian's work (The tree of life was a Mother's Day project that was chosen for display at the state fair). The picture just to the left of Marian, showing a kitty-kat yin-yang, is also her work.

Here's an example of Marian's nail art on a human hand -- not mine, however, because I would ruin it

Now I need to find more things Marian can paint!


  1. Oh you and your Nigel have a nice sense of humor. Love the potfeet with the beautiful nail art of your friend's daughter. I should like to have such beautiful painted nails but I know it should look like a flag on a shit ship, because with all that gardening work at this time of year I better keep my hands below the table.

  2. Impressive work! Marian is very talented & I love what she did with your pot feet. Very cool!

  3. I think you and Marian have started something! I wonder how long it'll be before plant feet nails are trending?!

  4. What a fabulous idea! Marian did a great job.

  5. How great! A very creative idea, and can I just say that I think it's also great that you paid for it? So awesome of you to help teach Marian that her work and time are valued.

  6. The painted pot toes are great! And how wonderful to honor young talent.

  7. Marian and Louisa have got talent! How wonderful that you (or Nigel) thought to get a terra-cotta claw manicure.

  8. Fantastic! You will be the envy of everyone. Marian obviously has a wonderful future ahead of her!

  9. This is such a cool collaboration, I enjoyed reading about it, and I LOVE Marian's drawings. I still would like to see the pot sitting on it's new claw feet!

  10. What a talented kid! Love the painted claws.


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