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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hardy Plant Study Weekend -- TIAAA

There Is Always An Agave. Usually in a pot.

Sometimes there's two of them.

Sometimes there's a whole crew of them.

Sometimes they're hiding amongst other succulents.

Sometimes they look a little poorly.

Sometimes they are bravely planted in the ground.

Sometimes there's a weed.

Smart little weed. I wouldn't reach in there. Would you?

The Hardy Plant Study Weekend is an annual conference for garden lovers that features international speakers and tours of local gardens, which rotates every four years between the Seattle area, Portland, OR, Salem, OR and Victoria, B.C. When in Seattle the Northwest Perennial Alliance hosts it. You can find more information here about this year's conference, which took place last weekend.


  1. Can't get enough of agaves in pots...and on the ground!

  2. Well you know I LOVED this post. So many Agaves! The last "planted in the ground" example is a brave one, I'm so happy to see people just going for it.

  3. Weeds at the base of agaves, whether in pots or in the ground, are a constant bane here.

  4. 18 inch tweezers work well on those weeds.

  5. I've given up on them, I've stabbed myself too many times!

  6. Sounds like fun. Enjoyed the pics.


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