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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday Vignette

Today's Wednesday Vignette post is about making an effort. Or tenacity. Or something. Some kind of life lesson. Deep thoughts are in there somewhere. Take what you will from the photo.

This bag of mixed Daffodils sat on my front step all winter. I really thought I'd get them planted last fall when I bought them. I never got around to it, and they've been sitting right there for a few months now, guilt-tripping me every time I go out to get the mail.

Now, they've doubled-down on that guilt trip and are trying to make me feel even worse by flowering in the bag.

Poor things. I bet I could still plant them, right?

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  1. That made me laugh out loud! Determination, thy name is daffodil!

    I love that turquoise head ... where'd you find that? I've never seen one like it.

  2. Plant them! They'd be expensive compost. Love the picture.

  3. Such a cool shot! Go ahead and reward their tenacity with a spot in your garden. :)

  4. I found some Hydrangeas closed up in a paper bag (been there for well over a year) in my mom's garage, planted, they took, thrived after a short recovery time...can't keep a good plant down.

  5. Guilt trips from the garden! Isn't the garden supposed to be the place we go to get away from feelings like that? Still, I think your guilt can be dealt with by popping those bulbs in the ground.

  6. That Daffodil gets an A+ for effort! I have paid a lot of attention to local school politics down here lately. I guess in edu-speak, one would refer to something like that as "the opportunity-gap". We all could use a break... Now go plant those babies - they've earned their spot in the sun! :)


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