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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday Vignette

For my Wednesday Vignette I'm sharing evidence that my nemesis, the raccoons that have plagued my garden, are still around.

Footprints in mud and pollen

Our driveway has a low area designed to allow drainage during heavy rain. It fills with water that drains slowly into the gravel at the side, and also fills with silty mud that is run off from the garden beds around the driveway area. Lately we've also been plagued by a surprisingly high amount of pollen, which has coated the dry mud with a layer of stickiness. One of the raccoons trotted through this recently and left the prints behind.

A couple of days ago, not long after taking this photo, I walked through the back door into the back garden in the middle of the afternoon, and scared a raccoon that had been foraging, probably for grubs, in the middle of the grassy circle. It lumbered quickly off toward the fence, but stopped once it was behind the Dicentra 'Gold Heart' and stared back at me. I stood on the back porch and stamped my feet and yelled.

Call me crazy, but there was a hoe nearby, so I picked it up and advanced down the steps and across the grass, whereupon it finally decided it had had enough of the crazy lady and climbed a tree.

I posted the photo on Instagram with the hashtags #raccoonssuck and #raccoonsarebastards. I wonder, if raccoons with their little hands could use Instagram, what would they say about humans?

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  1. Great prints! I wonder if the pollen gave the raccoon a sneezing fit? I chased off a raccoon last week when Pipig alerted me to its arrival. When I banged on the window, he just stared at me, one paw in our fountain. He didn't move on until I went outside. Of course, he (or one of his cohorts) was back the following night - I didn't see him but I found broad evidence of his digging.

  2. No doubt who the culprit is with that evidence! I suspect I would have more critter damage..if I didn't have the dogs. Thus, I have dog damage, so there's that. Happy Wednesday!

  3. love the prints but I always worry when I see a night time creature like this during daylight. Makes me nervous as the only coons I've seen in the day looked ill.

  4. I think our masked marauders are just waiting for the restored lawn to look good before they come back and start digging in.

  5. Great pic but do hope for you that they will leave your garden alone.


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