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Friday, August 4, 2017

Fling, Day Three -- Daylilies at Meadowlark Gardens

The Garden Bloggers Fling, which took place in the second half of June, was happening right at the height of daylily season for the D.C. area. I think some people might even agree that the daylily, one of my favorite perennials, was THE flower of the Fling. Our final visit on the last day was at an enormous public garden called Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, which had several borders with gorgeous daylilies flowering in them.

Here are several shots of them.


I didn't get a name for this pale pastel daylily with a watercolor-like splotch

'Bluegrass Memories'

This spider type was paired with Crocosmia 'Lucifer.'

I didn't get a name for it, but it was a perfect combo

'Forest Lake Ragamuffin' -- what a beautiful pie crust edge!

'Three Rivers Gold'

'VT Spirit'

To see more of the beauty of Meadowlark, see Kris's post Meadowlark Botanical Gardens - Captivating Views at the blog Late to the Garden Party.


  1. Those are so beautiful! and now the freshness of June is gone, and my last day lily blooms are about done. But oh! the oriental lilies!

  2. Funny, I mentioned other possible "plants of the Fling" on my blog today. Great minds!

  3. Ooh, that daylily and crocosmia combo is a winner and the colors of 'Bluegrass Memories' are gorgeous. My all time favorite daylily continues to be good old Hyperion with it's huge yellow fragrant flowers.

  4. I completely agree: the daylily was THE plant of the Fling. I came back excited about the prospect of adding more to my garden, although the truth is that they're mediocre performers here. I missed the varieties you found at Meadowlark so thanks for sharing them. That daylily/Crocosmia combination is great!

  5. They are wonderful, I´m really fond of the ´Bluegrass Memories´, but also ´Forest Lake Ragamuffin´is a beauty. What shall I say I love them all.

  6. Even though I said I was through with daylilies as soon as I came back I ordered 'Bluegrass Memories' and one of the spider types as well. My resolve is limited! The foliage looks so crappy here (snails love it) post bloom that my strategy now is to cut it back to the ground after flowering and hope that my dead-leafing chores will be reduced.

  7. So beautiful! I have a long list of daylily wants and I just added another one - Bluegrass Memories. Thanks for sharing.

  8. They really had an amazing daylily collection, didn't they?


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