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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday Vignette

For my Wednesday Vignette, I'm sharing a photo of Panicum virgatum 'Rotstrahlbusch,' heavily weighed down with dewdrops. The sparkly backdrop is another nearby clump of the same grass.

Water-laden Panicum virgatum

Anna at Flutter and Hum hosts Wednesday Vignette. Check out her post here.


  1. Lovely picture. I find it hard to get the camera to focus on such shots. Off to check out Anna's blog

  2. Delicate photo of the Panicum Alison, love it.

  3. Gorgeous! The golden tones remind me of your pretty craft poinsettia project.

  4. A garden of jewels... looks fabulous Alison. You're a master with that camera! :)

  5. Great picture and it's so sunny and bright!


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