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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flowers From a Garden Tour

While many of the gardens on the Woodinville Garden Tour had spectacular beds with interesting mature specimens of shrubs and trees, there were also quite a few lovely flowers in evidence.

Coreopsis with quilled petals, possibly 'Zamfir'



Purple Cotinus/smoke tree showing off the flowers that give it its common name

Gorgeous flower bed

Same bed, from the opposite direction (I find it helpful to often turn around and look back at where I've been, gives things a new perspective)

Bicolor sweetpea

Although it is situated like a climbing hydrangea, against the house, I think this is Hydrangea aspera 'Macrophylla'.

Roses (Sorry, I didn't take note of the names)

A couple of the gardens had a similar lush carpet of blue star creeper



Calla Lily

Eremurus/Foxtail Lily

This is my last post about the Woodinville Garden Tour. Back to posting about my own garden, with a short break for posts about the Seattle Garden Bloggers' Fling this coming weekend. Garden bloggers from all over the country are descending on Seattle for some fun activities!


  1. I sure hope the weather improves for the out-of-towners. Well, for the locals too for that matter. :) I love your close up of the Eremurus. All the photos are gorgeous.

  2. Your photographs are all gorgeous, but my absolute favourite flower today is the bicolour sweetpea. I love sweetpeas anyway, but this one is so much like a beautiful butterfly. I had not seen a foxtail lily before. It, too, is marvellous. Your calla lilies are our indigenous arum lilies.

    I had to smile as I, too, turn around often to view gardens from both ways :) I remember you'd mentioned the GB Fling at about the time you'd met up with Catherine and although you'd said you were excited, you were feeling a little anxious. I am sure you will have a wonderful time and I am looking forward to hearing your account of the event after this weekend :)

    Your query as to whether I'd done any further mosaic pieces since the mirror, has spurred me on to bring my bag of goodies out of hiding. My husband and I had bought the makings to work up a little wooden, cut-out gecko ages ago. I had not managed to pluck up the courage to tackle it after all this time but, thanks to you, I now feel motivated to try. I was rather touched that you'd remembered my mirror, too :) Thank you!

  3. Lots of pretties on that tour. I liked the 'look back in the other direction' shots.

  4. We tried the Blue Star carpet in Virginia, certainly wasn't quite the nice specimen that you shared! Beautiful gardens. Thanks for some great photos!


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