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Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden Art and Garden Junk

I have several pieces of art in my garden, but most of them are not really well integrated, because there's not enough plants for them to be integrated into. So they kind of stick out. They all came from my old garden.

My Green Man looks nice on my new fence, I think.
He looks a bit weary, do you think he's sick of the cold, wet Spring too?

In the mostly native area, where I have two bird houses that I hope will attract a nice bird family, I have a bird lady. Her face is made of feathers.
I think of her as the birdie guardian angel (although I also think she's just a little creepy)

My toad house looks good too, tucked into some plants near one of the big rocks. I've never seen any toads in it, though.

My Gardener Minnie Mouse needs some plants to hide in.

This leaf casting that I bought last year is surrounded by Lady's Mantle which will eventually grow up around it and soften the edges.

These hangings look OK on the side of my windowless shed, I think they give it a little character.

This Face on a Stick was a gift from my son many years ago.

But I need to find a better spot for him.

My Welcome sign keeps getting blown off the fence, even though it's heavy slate, and sits beside the gate amongst the shards that break off each time it falls.

I bought this crow at the NWFGS. He's taken up residence on the porch.
My husband says his name is Ciscrow -- named after Ciscoe Morris.

This metal duck, a gift from a friend, sits in the stream.

I recently made a handful of these little bottle vases to hang on the fence, using the off-cuts from when the fence was built. I plan to fill them with water and little bouquets from the garden.

Everything is fairly tasteful and low-key.

In my previous garden, for a while I had some very colorful art, mostly stuff that I made myself from items bought at the thrift store.

A few candle-holders with a teacup glued to the top.

I made a birdbath by turning a glass vase upside down and gluing a crystal bowl to it. Scattered some red half-marbles in it. I never saw any birds at it. I had outdoor cats then, and they used to drink from it.
For a while I was active at the Garden Junk forum at GardenWeb, and totems were all the rage, made from various thrift store bits and pieces glued together.

These two sat beside my pond.

 I also made plant stands using an old lamp, with a hanging basket (sans chain) attached to the top.

Not much of my Garden Junk came with me when we moved here to Washington. I gave most of it away on craigslist, including these two lamp plant stands, which was probably a smart move, since the only thing that the movers broke when we moved here was a lamp! In the Massachusetts climate, everything needed to be dragged back inside in the winter, and it got to the point where I practically needed a second house to hold all the junk in the off-season.

I did like these plant stands, though. Maybe I'll make a new one for my patio.

But first I have to make a bottle tree. I've been saving bottles for a bottle tree since before we moved. In fact, when my son came to help me get ready for the move, he noticed that the movers had packed two big boxes in his room, and on the side it said just "empty wine bottles." He was amused by that.

Nekkid bottle tree (my summer project)

 I have quite a few things that I'm storing in my shed that I need to find a spot for in the garden.


Birdhouse -- do you think any birds would actually nest here?

Fairy wall/fence hanging -- definitely needs some vines around it

I bought these arches several years ago, thinking I would incorporate them into an arbor I was going to build. I was a heck of a lot more ambitious (and younger) back then.
Hmmm...what can I do with these?

Any thoughts?


  1. You have a lot of great garden art. I love Ciscrow :) I have quite a bit in my yard too and am always rearranging it, kind of like what I do inside my house. I think it adds character to the garden. The candle sticks with teacups are such a cute idea!

  2. I love those last two arches and I love the idea of gluing a tea cup to a candle holder. Brilliant.

  3. You have a delightful collection of garden art, Alison and some really great ideas! I am sure you must be the envy of many of your friends/acquaintances!

  4. I like the cat birdnest. So many collections!

  5. Some familiar faces among your former junk. The arch thingies would be used here to remind the pets not to take shortcuts across new plantings.

  6. Oh Ciscrow! I loved that booth! I walked past it dozens of times wishing I had the $1000 for the 3D wall hanging!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so loving your garden art collection WOW. My fav are the tea cup, just beautiful.

  8. I love your handmade garden art! I think it's lovely and you should do more. It's perfect fit for the west coast! cheers, Jenni

  9. Thanks for sharing your garden stuff. I spent all winter trying to get ideas and you just gave me more than all of that google searching. I love the raven, the duck, and your tea cups! The fairy wall hanging is also pretty cool. If it ever warms up I will do the same. It was a great tour! I think I went through this blog 5 times to catch everything. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to.

  10. Wow, I love all your garden art! You are so creative, and so is your son's 'Face on a stick'!

  11. I enjoyed seeing what you used to have and what you have now. I remember seeing those stacks of things glued together. I thought about trying to make some, but would have to get something for the purpose from a thrift store, because I couldn't part with anything I have inside.

    I like Nell Jean's idea for the arches. You could also use them as hose guides in a small area if you had something to keep them upright with the weight of hoses against them.

    Have fun with those wine bottles. Your son will be impressed. ;o)


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